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SV Security Systems Ltd have been maintaining and monitoring our customers monitored alarms since the company was started, we have a large number of commercial and domestic customers who want that extra peace of mind and security by being connected to our monitored alarms station where alarms are constantly watched, which after an activation will contact either the designated key holders and/or the police/Fire department, depending on the grade of your system.

We offer monitoring options to run alongside our maintenance packages so that one easy payment per year can mean your system is serviced, monitored via Dualcom at our monitoring station and then any breakdowns are covered by our full maintenance guarantee which includes parts and labour charges.

The technology we use to do this is either using the on-board dialer built into your alarm system, which will send an alert in the event of an activation, or the most secure and award winning technology, Dualcom GPRS. (

Dualcom GPRS, from CSL Dualcom, is an intruder alarm signalling device that uses WorldSIM technology, which guarantees signals will transmit from the control panel to the monitoring station. WorldSIM uses all four mobile networks (O2, Orange, Vodafone & T Mobile)

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  • Every year, there are more than 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries in the UK. This means that a burglary occurs every 40 seconds.
  • The majority of burglaries are not actually pre-planned, they’re committed by opportunistic criminals.
  • A poll by Halifax found that 34% of householders with an alarm installed in their home said they rarely activated it, while a further 33% also said that they assume sounding intruder alarms in their neighbourhood to be false.
  • 73% of intruders use doors, which are open in 3% of cases.
  • Statistics say that 57% of burglaries occur when someone is at home.
  • 64% of householders confessed to occasionally leaving doors unlocked whilst away from home and a further 37% whilst inside the home – even though the statistics show that 22% of burglaries are carried out with the thief aware that the home was occupied.
  • The most likely break-in and burglary victims are single-parent families in urban UK areas as they are affected twice more that homes with two parents, and three times more than households without children.
  • 56% of  burglaries happen at night.
  • Most burglaries take place after dark; 10% occur in the morning, 20% in the afternoon, 32% in the evening and 23% during the night, whereas 30% occur at the weekend.


What Are The Benefits Of Monitored Alarms?

The main benefit of a monitored alarm system is peace of mind.  If you live in an isolated property, new to the area and not familiar with your neighbours or simply don’t want to have to rely on others checking on your property if they hear the alarm activating then a monitored system is for you. 

The likelihood of a break in is then reduced further when the would be thief is alerted to you having a monitored system.  Once the system is activated and if a valid URN is in place the monitoring station will contact the Police who will be swiftly dispatched to your home or business.  The key holders are then informed who can make their way to the site as well. 

What Are The Different Types Of Monitoring?

Yes there are several different types. The main and most popular is via Dualcom GPRS which is connects your security system to a monitoring station. We can also connect our alarm systems direct to your mobile phones either via the PSTN phone line or a standalone GSM dialler.

These devices do not require annual maintenance contracts but will need to be checked regularly as they are not ‘monitored’ to ensure they continue to work. We also connect some of our systems to customers phones via apps, please ask for more details or visit and check out the home control app page.

Will I Get An Insurance Discount?

Yes, the majority of insurance companies insist on monitoring devices being fitted, those that do will of course issue a discount for having certain packages.

What Systems Can I Have Monitored?

We monitor Intruder alarm system, fire alarm systems and CCTV systems.  Intruder and fire systems are monitored via Dualcom as described above.  The CCTV are monitored via a third party and require additional equipment, please ask during site survey.

Can Key Holders Details Be Changed?

All key holder details are managed by us in the office so details can be changed at any time. That can include holiday breaks, or a more permanent change. If a police URN is issued it will stay with the system until response is lost or until the customer moves. An upgrade will be required if an new application is required or if response is lost.