Access Control Systems Installation

SV Security Systems Ltd offers a complete range of access control systems for domestic and retail/commercial properties. From the basic single station door entry residential kits to the sophisticated video door entry systems.  An impressive range of audio and video door entry systems are available incorporating the features and functions demanded by the expanding door entry systems and access control markets.

As a Paxton partner, our door entry systems are bespoke to the individual client with engraving, digital sign printing and vandal resistant external entry unit made to measure.

SV Security Systems can install your standalone key fob or coded entry system to a fully networked PC based online access system. Which can easily be controlled and maintained by your own staff.

Systems can be designed and built specifically for your premises, including external gates, entry door and garage systems.  A simple speech unit will let you communicate while the video systems will enable you to confirm who is trying to access your premises.  A simple unlock button on the unit will then enable you to let the person in, or not.

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Video Entry Systems Access Control

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Video Entry Statistics

  • Video Entry Systems prevent forced entry into properties by over 50%.
  • 1 in 12 commercial properties now use a form of Video Entry System.
  • The risk of daylight burglary drops by 23% with a Video Entry System.
  • 78% of commercial properties with Video Entry Systems have a friendlier customer experience.


What Are The Benefits Of Video Entry Systems?

A Video Entry System will make sure that you can always see who is coming into your building, as to make sure that you don’t have any unwanted visitors.

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What Types Of Video Entry Systems Are There?

A Video Entry System consists of a monitor inside the building, which is what you use to see exactly who it is that is trying to gain entry & then & the front of the property, there will be a buzzer, with a built in camera.

How Would I Be Able To See The Video Feed?

You can see the feed directly from the monitor that will be inside the building. This allows you to see the feed from the comfort of your home or office.