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Effective fire detection and fire alarms systems are a key component of fire risk management for any commercial, public or multi-occupancy premises.

Fire regulations require businesses to be able to provide evidence that their system is for purpose and is designed, installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with the relevant British Standards by a competent contractor.

Fire certificates are no longer issued by the Fire and Rescue Services. The emphasis is now placed on the responsible person designated by the owner or occupier of every relevant property, to conduct a fire risk assessment.

Where a fire detection and alarm system is required, the onus is on the responsible person to be able to prove it is fit for purpose.

The systems we install can be linked to the alarm systems monitoring device to contact the key holders and fire service in the event of an activation.

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Fire Alarms

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Fire Alarm Statistics

  • It is reported that fewer people die in a home fire when a fire alarm or detector is present in the household.
  • In 40% of home fire cases, there was no fire alarm installed into the home at all.
  • In 2006-2009, almost two thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in the homes of people without fire alarms or no fire alarm at all.
  • In fires considered large enough to activate a fire alarm, battery-powered fire alarms only operate 77% of the time.
  • Half of the smoke alarms found in reported fires and two-thirds of the alarms found in homes with fire deaths were powered by batteries only.
  • A fire alarm cuts the risk of harm in reported home fires by nearly half.


Do I Need A Fire Alarm System In My Home?

For a domestic property a full fire alarm system is not necessary however you must have adequate fire alarm detection installed to alert you of a fire. These can be in the form of smoke or heat detectors that are linked together either by 230V mains or via an alarm system. We can then connect these devices via your monitoring equipment so that when the devices activate, the fire authority and key holders are notified.
We also install carbon monoxide detection in a similar way.

For a commercial property the law states that a working fire alarm system is required but what type will depend on the fire risk assessment carried out by a competent person.
There are four different types of fire alarm system, conventional, addressable, analogue addressable and wireless systems. Which type you require will again be decided by the fire alarm risk assessment that we can carry out for you.

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Will My Fire Alarm System Be Monitored?

We can set up monitoring on a fire alarm system much the same as an intruder alarm system. When the heat/smoke device is triggered it will activate the control panel, which can then be linked to a Dualcom monitoring device. Key holders and the fire authority will then be contacted.

Do I Need To Have The Fire Detection Devices Serviced?

Yes. Domestic units should be checked every month, including tenanted properties. Commercial properties should be checked daily for faults and a weekly test of manual call points and devices should be completed. On top of that a full service is required once a year to check every device by a qualified installer as well as a fire evacuation test carried out.

Do We Carry Out Service Visits And Offer Takeovers For Existing Systems?

Yes we service the system we have installed regularly and also offer ‘takeovers’ of third party system. A full health check and service is carried out on the initial visit to ensure the system is working correctly and to meets the correct standard.