How does Infrared work on a CCTV camera?

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The most common hours for a burglar to strike are between the hours of 10pm to 3am so it is paramount that your CCTV system can pick up motion and identify people in low light conditions or even complete darkness, so this is essential for many CCTV applications. The system is able to do this because of using the right electronics that are sensitive enough to work in low light, this works with the infrared lighting tool in order to create a CCTV system that can detect intruder entering your property when they shouldn’t.

The infrared light is completely invisible to the human eye but CCTV systems alternate between black and white as light levels fall during the day in order to pick up the infrared light. This means that the camera can pick up the reflection of any infrared that has been reflected by an intruder as it is similar to the shining of a torch.

Old CCTV systems had a separate infrared light installed onto the side of their houses. This made the whole CCTV unit appear very large and industrial, so the system has been developed so that it greatly reduces the system size and reduces the cost when compared to an ordinary modular camera using separate lighting units.

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