How Do Burglars Break In?

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Despite being in the open, many thieves target the front door. If they can get in quickly enough their chances of being seen are low. First, they will check all the typical hiding spots for spare keys, but if the spare key can’t be found, they will simply force the door. If you rely on the simple lock in the knob assembly you are making it easy for a break in. A crowbar inserted at the lock point will generate enough force to either bow the frame or push the strike plate right through the wood. Other entry points are secondary doors as they usually have less security, so to avoid this give all entry points good locks and a solid frame. The last entry point would be windows as they are the most fragile entry point to your home. The sound of breaking glass is usually not heard by neighbours who are likely to be away from home when you are. Windows are also not equipped with locks, only latches, making them much easier to force without breaking the glass. During warmer months the percentage of break-ins through windows greatly increases for a simple reason, people leave their windows open, even when they leave home. To stop window break ins close your windows when you leave home and have them double glazed at least to make them harder to smash.

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