How Often Should You Test Your Smoke Alarm?

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Testing and cleaning your smoke alarm could actually save your life as over time gathers a huge amount of dust which all impact how efficient the fire alarm system will work as it is static in your home until the circumstance occurs where it detects smoke and then alerts you. According to a study by Which? Only 1 in 10 never check that their battery-powered smoke alarm is working. According to statistics you should be checking your fire alarms at least once a week but only 5% of people actually test their fire alarm system this often which if you’ll pardon the pun is a real alarming fact as anything can happen if you fail to check your alarm, this could mean that the batteries on the alarm have gone and then your omission could cost the life of another.

Following this only another 11% check their smoke alarms when they beep but checking that they work isn’t enough to ensure that your fire alarms are working just the way they should be. Another great tip to make sure your fire alarm system is working at its finest standard is to vacuum under the cover of your smoke alarm every six months, using the soft brush on your vacuum cleaner in order to avoid the dust particles interfering with the sensors on the fire alarm system.

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