Security Systems Check List – To deter a potential thief

External Siren/Strobe unit visible from the front and rear of the property External CCTV Systems with perimeter protection External Lighting – this can be on during the hours of darkness or on a passive infra-red motion detector Ensuring doors and windows are locked at night time – especially at ground floor level Keeping garage and […]

How to Prevent Burglars From Targeting Your House

How Do Burglars Choose Their Target Houses & How To Prevent Them From Targeting Your House?

Burglary is often an opportunist crime. A burglar will select a target because it offers him the best opportunity to carry out his crime undetected and with the fewest obstacles in his way. A building that looks unoccupied and insecure is far more likely to be targeted as it would be easier for them to […]

How Do Burglars Break In?

How Do Burglars Break In?

Despite being in the open, many thieves target the front door. If they can get in quickly enough their chances of being seen are low. First, they will check all the typical hiding spots for spare keys, but if the spare key can’t be found, they will simply force the door. If you rely on […]